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Securing Your Home

28 April 2018


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Home Security

As you say in Greek “look after your clothes so at least at the end you are left with half of them”. Most likely you will not experience this, but as we have said, circumstances are changing.

The increasing thefts that are taking place is a worrying development for Cyprus. Most of those thefts are taking place from narcotic users in their effort to secure their doze and are even trade in them. It is a worrying situation not only for the increasing numbers, but because those thieves are getting more daring with thefts taking place even during daylight and even worse when the residents are within their home.

Most of those thefts are based on information given / undertaken as an inside job, either from in-house foreign (mainly) help as well as from occasional workers that are undertaking jobs within the house. Because of this we have prepared a basic list of “things to do” in order to protect your property especially for those house owners/residents which are away for long periods be it for holidays-holiday homes etc since these thieves «inspect» the house prior to the “visit” to ascertain who lives in them and if vacant etc.

  • Place safety locks (known locally as the American Locks) which are difficult to break. Do not leave the key on the door once locked.

  • Place a security door rather than a wooded/aluminium one.

  • If you have aluminium windows/doors, place the new locks which are difficult to undo. The old locks get unlocked very easily.

  • If you are away, close the curtains and leave a light on, so that the “visitors” cannot take it for granted that the house is empty.

  • Fence you property to the extent that you can and lock the gate to the plot.

  • Place light sensors around the house, so that when there is movement during the night the lights come on (it might cost you higher electricity bills but it is well worth it).

  • If you have a safe screw the safe in the concrete floor.

  • Adopt an alarm system (nowadays a must) and if your house is on two floors and you sleep upstairs, place the alarm on the ground floor during the evening. The alarm must be on when you are away. The new gadgets with remote control et is most useful.

  • Let the police know that you will be away say over 3-4 days, so that they have it in mind.

  • Should you choose to place cameras, it is advisable that they will not put off the thieves necessarily, but can be useful after the event.

  • Avoid to have ladders and other materials etc which will facilitate the thieves’ climbing at higher level.

  • Use interphone to connect with the entrance gate/preferably with camera to go and place at least an “eye” on the housedoors.

  • If you are away and you have friendly and trusted neighbours tell them about it.

  • Adopt a large dog who must be outside the house. Do not adopt vicious ones since the effort is to protect your property and not necessarily cause bodily harm to uninvited visitors. If you are away arrange for someone to feed the dog. Ideal guard dogs are Alsatians.

  • Let your neighbourhood policeman know if you are away (doubtful of their effectiveness since they do not work after 11.00 p.m.!!).

  • If you have an alarm system make sure that the security Co has a name and telephone number to contact if you are away.

  • Do not give the house key to people who work in the house e.g. cleaners, workers etc and do not place a key under the entrance mat etc.

  • Do not leave your home key when taking your car for repair, car wash etc in the car.

  • If you are away connect your home phone to your mobile and do not use an answering machine saying that you are away.

These “things to do” should provide home owners some comfort and security and this article is not intended to scare the readers. As you say in Greek “look after your clothes so at least at the end you are left with half of them”. Most likely you will not experience this, but as we have said, circumstances are changing. |

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